• Simultaneous detection of mixed agents
  • Very short response time and reset time
  • Adapted to harsh environmental conditions
  • Networking with up to 10 detectors
  • No maintenance for one year



Naval version

Critical infrastructures version

AP4C-F is a chemical warfare agent detector to be used in a battlefield or urban environment on moving platforms for reconnaissance missions. AP4C-F detects in real time and simultaneously almost all chemical warfare agents and numerous toxic industrial materials.

All nerve agents, blister agents, and blood agents can be detected thus making the AP4C-F an instrument of safety.AP4C-F can detect all those agents under vapour, aerosol or liquid form

AP4C-F is installed as a fixed alarm system and does not require any other maintenance or human intervention during one year, other than the addition of one litre of water per month. AP4C-F has the same capacity of chemical detection and the same specifications as the AP4C. It is typically installed at the air intake of buildings or critical infrastructures.

Set up procedure, calibration, filter change, purge procedure, and switch off procedure are NOT necessary. AP4C-F can be networked with other instruments. Upon alarm it can trigger the closing of the building ventilation system.

Applications Control of contamination, surveillance of sites
Principle Flame spectrophotometry
Detected gases Chemical warfare agents (CWA): GA (Tabun), GB (Sarin), GD (Soman), HD (Yperite), VX, Runcol (HT), Cyanhydric acid (HCN), Chlorine cyanogen (AC)
Toxic Industrial materials: Ammonia (NH3), Nox, H2S…
Detection time 2 seconds
Power supply 24 VDC x 3 A max
Size 606 mm x 298 mm x 320 mm
Lifespan One month
Weight 15 kg
Temperatures -25°C to + 50°C (operation)
-32°C to 71°C (storage)


List of detected chemicals
Tabun GA Arsine SA
Sarin GB Diphenylchloroarsine DA
soman GD Adamsite DM
Cycle-sarin GF Deiphenylcyanoarsine DC
Distilled mustard HD Bromobenzylcyanide CA
Nitrogen mustard HN-1 CS
Nitrogen mustard HN-2 CR
Nitrogen mustard HN-3 Chloropicrin PS
Phosgene CX Runcol
Lewisite L Precursor of OPA
Mustard lewisite mixture HL Precursor of DF
Phenyldichloarsine PD EDMP
Ethyldichloarsine ED Lewisite
Methyldichloarsine MD Mustard gas
Hydrogen cyanide AC Lewisite mixture
Cyanogen chloride CK