As the AP2C, AP4C is a portable chemical contamination control device used to detect directly chemical agents in the form of vapor, aerosols, dust and with the S4PE in the form of liquid.

AP4C is the hand held detector with the largest range of detectable products.

AP4C detects compounds of phosphorus (such as all G, V agents: GA, GB, GD, GE, GF, VE, VX), compounds of sulfur (such as H, HD, HL agents, Arsenic compounds (contained in L, SA, DM) and other gases such as Ammonia, Cyanogen chloride, Cyahydric Acid, etc.
AP4C detects also all the precursors of the above chemicals.

The high sensitivity and fast response time make the AP4C especially suitable to check up contamination.
It also fits check up after decontamination.

  • Detects simultaneously agents on the 4 channels.
  • Very sensitive to detect all G agents (GA, GB, GD, GE, GF, VE, VX, etc…) even if the agent is not pure or manufactured in poor conditions.
  • Detects agents in all forms: vapor – aerosols – droplets – dust agents and frozen agents.
  • Detects liquid agents spread on most surfaces (VX, thicked SOMAN, HD at low temperatures.
  • Detects agents in water, on the skin (medical use).
  • Capability to detect TIC’s: PH3, PARATHION on P channel – PCl3, NH3, NOx on HNO channel – SO2, SF6, CS2, H2S, H2SO4 on S channel – AsH3 on As channel. And hundred of others gases.
Ecran AP4C

Ecran AP4C


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