Mr Kabul BERDIEV, Minister of Defense of Ouzbekistan

visits PROENGIN and shows his interest for our products.


Proengin is the only company in the world who uses Flame Photometry Detection
(FPD) to produce Chemical And Biological Warfare agents detectors for field use
in the most challenging environments.

FPD allows a reliable, continuous, simulatneous and fast detection of traces of
lethal gases whatever is the temperature and the level of relative humidity.

Proengin range of products covers

AP4C Hand- Held CWA and TICS Detectors
AP4C-V Chemical detector for reconnaissance vehicles
AP4C-F Chemical Detector for fixed sites
MAB Biolopgical Alarm module for field use
AP4C-FB Chemical and Biological alarm detector for fixed sites.
AP4C-VB Chemical and biological alarm detector for mobile platforms.
Proengin systems are used in more than 45 Countries by Armed forces,
Civil Defense organizations, Police Forces and Customs.