Proengin Simtool Kit : Deployable remote threat monitoring and enhanced Training solution.



Saint Cyr l'Ecole, France, April 4th, 2024 - Proengin, a leader in threat management, proudly announces an improved version of the Simtool Kit, your next-level solution for remote chemical threat monitoring and immersive training experiences. 


Designed with your needs in mind, the Simtool Kit is the perfect tool for delivering realistic training. It perfectly blends the ease of managing detectors via a tablet for trainers and offers a monitoring mode for effective data management and decision-making. With two versatile modes, Monitoring and Training, it stands out as an essential asset for first responders, law enforcement, CBRN experts, and military personnel, providing unmatched value in preparedness and response capabilities.

The SimToolkit offers the cutting-edge capability to quickly deploy a secure perimeter by connecting up multiple airborne chemical threat detectors in a wireless network. This innovative solution is designed to equip forces with the tools necessary to swiftly establish a secure perimeter with minimal setup time. This solution is used to create a hazardous area monitoring perimeter, a security bubble to safeguard a military temporary camp, enhance the safety of public spaces, critical infrastructure, event venues, or any scenario requiring a temporary but effective threat monitoring solution. Its ability to maintain connection even through obstacles ensures comprehensive coverage, leaving no spot unchecked. The SimToolkit empowers users with precise information on where threats are detected, facilitating swift and informed decision-making. Detection alerts and data are received and recorded in real-time on a tablet, providing instant access to critical information. This immediate insight ensures that quick, effective decisions and actions are taken in the minimum amount of time, making the SimTool Kit an indispensable asset for maintaining safety and security in a variety of CBRN scenarios.

Switching to training mode, the Simtool Kit transforms into an invaluable training resource, simulating chemical hazard alarms with adjustable settings for individual devices. This offers a cost-effective, flexible, and realistic training experience without the need for physical simulants. Trainers can effortlessly monitor up to eight operators simultaneously, all from the convenience of a rugged tablet.  This training capability is instrumental for teaching CBRN scenarios and assessing standard operation procedure knowledge for teams.

About Proengin:

Proengin is a leading company in the chemical and biological threat management solutions market. With its unique technology, the company designs, manufactures, and maintains innovative solutions that offer universal and highly sensitive detection capabilities made to be deployed in the most extreme environments. Proengin is making its mark in the civil market by increasingly equipping first responder teams and has been recognized for years as a main actor in CBRN solutions and systems to protect military forces, vehicles, naval assets, as well as critical infrastructures.


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