AP4C - Flame spectrometer chemical warfare agent detector

AP4C - Flame spectrometer chemical warfare agent detector


Universal Chemical Detector

Excellence in CBRN threat management

The AP4C is a combat proven flame spectrometer detector with industry leading capabilities that is used worldwide in over 75 countries and counting. It can detect a broad range of conventional and detect a broad range of conventional and unconventional threats. 

Designed for field use, the AP4C takes the complexity out of the equation: one single ON/OFF button, no settings or menu, no field calibration and filter. The entire detection process is completely automatic. Thanks to its unique technology, the AP4C has the shortest recovery time even after being exposed to high concentration of chemicals. 

AP4C has the highest user availability rate on the market. An annual check is the only required maintenance operation. No need to regularly start the detector to keep it operational.


Key features

  • Easy to use, fully automatic
  • Quick start-up and response time
  • No library / no filters
  • Simultaneous detection
  • Liquid, gas, dust detection
  • Operates under challenging conditions (dust, humidity, temperature)


  • Military Forces
  • First responders
  • Law enforcement
  • CBRN specialists
  • HazMat teams
  • Customs and border protection


  • All nerve agents
  • All blister agents
  • All blood agents
  • All NTA such as Novickok
  • Choking agents
  • Numerous toxic industrials


  • Each set comes ready to use with all accessories and consumables neatly packed in a waterproof Pelican case.

Kit options

  • UC AP4C : standard kit with S4PE liquid sampler and extra consumables. 

    UC AP4C MleF1  : extended AP4C kit with two S4PE and additional consumables. 

    AP4C set: low cost option, comes with the AP4C without S4PE or consumables.

Accessories & services

  • SimToolKit (M2852 E00 000): wireless system for monitoring and training, connects up to 8 detectors
  • Minibench (M2417 E00 000): refill station for hydrogen cylinders
  • Prepaid maintenance and extended warranty options available upon initial acquisition
  • For training, technical support or maintenance, contact us at contact@proengin.com


  • Technology: Flame spectrometry
  • Detection range: Unlimited, CWA, TICs & TIMS, NTAs, Novichoks, binaries, opioids & Fentanyl
  • Operating temperature: -25°F to +122°F / -32°C to +50°C
  • Communication: RS422 interface
  • Data storage: Internal memory, 530 hours loop recording
  • Powers supply: Lithium or rechargeable battery
  • Height: 138mm / 5.43"
  • Length: 385mm / 15.16"
  • Width: 100mm / 3.93"
  • Weight: 2,1kg / 4.63 lb