Multigas bench

Multigas bench

Multigas bench

M1259 E00 000

Excellence in CBRN threat management

Multigas bench allows the user to control AP4C and AP2C sensitivities.
The purpose of the multigas bench is to produce the different gases mixes and to control the hydrogen flow, in order to expose the AP4C or AP2C to different gases to control their sensitivities.
The bench is controlled by a PROENGIN software that has to be installed on a computer.
The multigas bench has hydrogen output to feed the AP4C during control process.


  • Delivered with the multigas bench :

    - Pressure release gas duct and tubes (M1259 E10 000)

    - 1 fake hydrogen cylinder (M1259 E20 000)

    - 1 interface drawer (M435 E00 001)

    - Connection cables (for interface drawer and laptop)

    - AP4C maintenance software

     Not delivered with the multigas bench :

    - Laptop or computer

    - Bottles of gas

    - Compressed air system

    - Standard or rechargeable battery

    Maintenance :

    Storage period : no maintenance required

    Use period : check once two years


  • Operating temperature: Laboratory conditions
  • Powers supply: 110 to 220 Vac
  • Height: 266mm
  • Length: 374mm
  • Width: 480mm
  • Weight: 15kg