Mini bench - Hydrogen Cylinder refilling solution

Mini bench - Hydrogen Cylinder refilling solution

Mini bench

M2417 E00 000

Excellence in CBRN threat management

Unlocking user autonomy and self-sufficiency, the Mini Bench empowers users to take control of their hydrogen cylinders. With its ease-of-use charging capabilities, this solution allows users to recharge their hydrogen cylinders individually, providing unmatched convenience and efficiency.


  • Using the Mini Bench is essential to reducing total operating costs. By adopting this recharge system, customers eliminate dependence on suppliers for cylinder replacements, resulting in significant long-term savings. With its ability to generate hydrogen from water and recharge hydrogen storage units, the Mini Bench offers a cost-effective solution for managing hydrogen needs. By reducing costs associated with cylinder replacement, storage, and transportation, this device helps optimize your budget and improve operational efficiency in the closest proximity to the teams. With the Mini Ben ch, customers can achieve greater financial autonomy while maintaining a continuous supply of hydrogen cylinders.

    Key features & benefits

    • Enhance local autonomy

    • lmprove stock management

    • Automatic & safe solutions


    Compatible with ail H2 cylinders:

    • Black Hydrogen Cylinder (M266-E40-000)

    • Green Hydrogen Cylinder (M266-E40-00 1)

    • Mini Hydrogen Cylinder (M3462-E40-000)


    By the user :

    • Replacement of water maximum after 2 months or 100 refills

    • Replacement of deionizer bag every 6 months

    • Replacement of dessicant maximum after 18 months or 180 refills

    By PROENGIN every 2 years


  • Operating temperature: Laboratory conditions
  • Powers supply: 110 to 220 Vac
  • Height: 465mm
  • Length: 380mm
  • Width: 370mm
  • Weight: 20kg