Training and education programs to learn how to use our CBRN detectors

Proengin Academy


There is no single detector system that will do everything for everyone. It is important to understand how your detector works and what the information is that the detector is providing you. A detector is ultimately is only as good as the person using it. We are committed to helping our customers understand and use our detectors to the best of their ability. That is why we created PROENGIN Academy. We want to provide you training and education so that you can use your detector confidently and taking full advantage of its capabilities.

Our cutting-edge technology is integrated into easy-to-use devices that benefit from our 35 plus years of field experience. Our products are designed to be easily used without the need for extensive training. Even though our detectors are easy to use, they still provide a lot of information that must be properly utilized. This is where training and education programs can help. Training sessions are offered to our users and will soon be available online. We plan to expand our digital offerings on our website to include videos and technical information on the use and operation, maintenance, and operational scenarios. We are plan to introduce some new products which are presently in development. Some recently introduced products include our Simtoolkit, a wireless system designed to remotely monitor up to 8 detectors. This technology can also be used for training purposes. We are also introducing a new heater system the S4PF, designed for opioids, 4th generation agents as well as higher melting point materials.