AP4C-V - Chemical Weapon Detectors

AP4C-V - Chemical Weapon Detectors


Chemical Detection System

Excellence in CBRN threat management

The AP4C-V is a mounted solution for vehicle or fixed site that provides continuous detection of chemical threats. 

It can detect a broad range of conventional and unconventional substances such as chemical warfare agents, toxic industrial chemicals, homemade terrorist mixtures and non-traditional agents (e.g. Novichok). 

Alarm and sampling is fully automatic and requires no action from the user. The AP4C-V can easily be installed as a stand-alone system with its own visualization and control module, or to be integrated to the onboard vehicle combat system via a simple communication protocol.


Key features

  • Quick start-up and response time
  • No library / no filters
  • Operates under challenging conditions (dust, humidity, temperature)
  • Continuous & simultaneous detection
  • Detect at a speed up to 110km/h
  • External & airtight sampling
  • Flexible and easy integration


  • CBRN vehicles
  • Reconnaissance vehicles
  • Light, APC or MBT class
  • Land and naval platforms
  • Static or mobile applications


  • All nerve agents
  • All blister agents
  • All blood agents
  • All NTA such as Novickok
  • Choking agents
  • Numerous toxic industrials
  • PBA (such as fentanyl) and opioids


  • AP4C-V is delivered with its sole, 2 hydrogen cylinders and 2 connectors.

Kit options

  • AP4C-V can be used with visualization box / PROENGIN software / customer software.

Accessories & services

  • Minibench (M2417 E00 000): refill station for hydrogen cylinders
  • Prepaid maintenance and extended warranty options available upon initial acquisition
  • For training, technical support or maintenance, contact us at contact@proengin.com


  • Technology: Flame spectrometry
  • Detection range: All nerve agents, All blister agents, All blood agents, All NTA such as Novickok, Choking agents, Numerous toxic industrials
  • Operating temperature: -25°F to +122°F / -32°C to +50°C
  • Communication: RS485 interface
  • Data storage: Internal memory, 530 hours loop recording
  • Powers supply: 12-28 VDC or 115-230 Vac (regulator)
  • Height: 223mm / 8.77''
  • Length: 343mm / 13.5''
  • Width: 170mm / 6.69''
  • Weight: 4,0kg / 8.8 lb