Chemical and biological detectors maintenance equipment

Maintenance equipment


Proengin detection devices are extremely precise instruments. To guarantee their performance over time, a cleaning and calibration is recommended. This process involves Proengin, or an authorized maintenance facility, to open up the detector and clean out the optical components. After the cleaning is completed, we expose the detector to precisely controlled amounts of different gasses and make any necessary adjustments to the detector if needed based the readings produced by the detector. The specific maintenance cycle is determined by the type of detector used, but is normally every one to two years based upon normal operational use profiles. For certain customers interested in becoming authorized to perform these preventative maintenance items, we do offer the ability for this equipment to be purchased. Some larger customers don’t have the desire to do preventative maintenance but have enough systems that they desire the ability to refill their own hydrogen cylinders. For those customers we offer the ability to purchase turnkey refill benches. A summary of the main maintenance and support products is as follows:

  • • Multigas bench: used to calibrate all of PROENGIN's chemical detectors
  • • Flameproof bench: used to verify that AP4C family detectors remain explosion-proof
  • • Refilling bench: allows up to 6 cylinders to be refilled simultaneously. Quick recharge and fully autonomous process.
  • • Mini bench: intended for end-user with small detector fleet, this bench can refill a single cylinder in 5 hours at a lower cost and without technical hassle.