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As the CWA threats have shifted from a primarily gas phase based threat, to liquids with considerable vapor pressure, to the current phase of liquids with negligible vapor pressure and solids, the way that the materials are detected must also evolve. Most sensors that have been used historically for the near real-time detection of CWAs cannot detect these new classes of threats due to limited (or no) vapor phase threat availability or due to their inability to capture and measure aerosols.

This has created a critical gap in emergency response and defense capabilities Worldwide. To protect our citizens and response personnel against modern CBRN threats, we must update our detection capabilities to address FGAs, PBAs, and other aerosolized threats at toxicologically relevant levels (parts per billion and lower) in operationally relevant timelines (seconds).

It is critical that the focus on detection shift towards the detect-to-warn, detect-to-protect, and detect-to-decontaminate phases of operations to ensure life safety. This webinar will focus on the detection of aerosolized threats.

Gain vital knowledge about aerosol threats! 

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