PROENGIN and LACROIX Announce a Strategic Partnership.



Saint-Cyr-L’Ecole -- May 16, 2024, PROENGIN, pioneer in chemical and biological threat detection solutions and LACROIX Defense, leader in pyrotechnics and chemical compositions, Armed Forces, were thrilled to sign their collaboration in providing a revolutionary CBRN training simulant. Now part of REAL-XT training range of products from Lacroix, SIMTAC is the first aerosol chemical threat training simulant.


This collaboration marks a significant milestone in the advancement of realistic, safe, and efficient training solutions for military and civil defense teams using Proengin’s detection solution. The SIMTAC has been developed in collaboration with the French Armed Forces and for PROENGIN’s technology, as it’s the only current detection technology able to detect threats in aerosol forms. It represents a significant leap forward in our common efforts to enhance user training programs, perform pre-mission detection checks, and enrich the Proengin Academy's scenario-based trainings, moreover because fourth-generation agents’ threats are increasing.

These enhancements will enable users to not only test and verify the effectiveness of Proengin detection solutions prior to missions but also gain deeper insights and preparedness through enriched, scenario-based learning experiences. This innovation enables instructors to simulate real-world chemical aerosol threats in training environments, complementing the existing liquid and solid simulants, without any toxic risk to participants, thereby elevating the realism and effectiveness of training sessions.

By incorporating the SIMTAC solution from LACROIX Defense, into PROENGIN Academy’ trainings, we are poised to offer more comprehensive, realistic, and application-focused trainings, addressing aerosol threats across both the military and civilian markets. The SIMTAC solution, developed by LACROIX’s chemical researchers, is revolutionizing indoor training, catering to a wide array of applications, from chemical attack response, VIP protection, and reconnaissance in clandestine labs, to critical site inspections such as airports, train stations, and hospitals.

Its non-toxic nature makes it an indispensable tool for CBRN forces, military units, special forces, and civil security teams seeking to enhance their readiness and effectiveness in a safe manner. Furthermore, the ease of use of the SIMTAC aerosol solution — spray, detect, learn — aligns with PROENGIN’s mission to offer straightforward, efficient solutions to complex challenges.

If you're interested in acquiring this innovative aerosol simulating spray for system integrity checks or realistic CBRN trainings of your troops, please do not hesitate to contact our sales team. Feel free to contact us to learn more about how this innovative aerosol simulating spray can be seamlessly integrated into your training and operational protocols.

About Proengin

Pioneering solutions provider for chemical and biological threat detection across military and civilian sectors. Their proprietary technology delivers unparalleled real-time detection capabilities, universally identifying phosphorus, sulfur, arsenic and nitrogen-based compounds in any form with extreme sensitivity levels up to 500 times below lethal exposure. PROENGIN's cutting-edge systems equip critical infrastructure, military assets, and rapid response teams globally. Their flagship solutions have safeguarded forces for decades and continue evolving to counter emerging threats like fourth-generation agents and pharmaceutical-derived hazards.

Born from DGA innovation in hydrogen research, technological prowess is hardwired into PROENGIN 's DNA. Their decades of specialization allow forces, industries and governments to stay ahead of diversifying CBRN risks. Whether protecting major events, securing facilities, or establishing wide-area safety perimeters, PROENGIN 's integrated detection networks provide complete situational awareness. Their proven solutions extend a sphere of protection, empowering decisive response to chemical incidents from accidental spills to the modern battlefield.

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About Lacroix

LACROIX, the Etienne Lacroix Group’s defense Business Unit, supplies the Armed Forces in France and abroad with a complete range of self-protection and training pyrotechnic systems and services for Naval, Airborne and Land applications.

Thanks to regular exchanges with experts in Electronic Warfare, in France and around the world, we ensure an operational and technological monitoring that allows us to quickly develop adequate self-protection and realistic training solutions against both emerging and existing threats.

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