13/09/2021: Webinar - Emerging Threats - A Risk-Based Approach


This webinar is about detection and monitoring of non-traditional agents, including pharmaceutical-based agents (PBAs) and fourth generation agents (FGAs). 


It will first discuss the evolving threat related to PBAs and FGAs and then will discuss the intricacies involved in detecting threats that are presented as low volatility liquids, solids, and aerosols. While most traditional chemical warfare agent detectors are not able to address these evolving threats, the Proengin AP4C along with its S4PE sampling system is well-suited to provide detection and monitoring for the evolving threats as well as the traditional chemical warfare agents and toxic industrial chemicals. With its future-proof system design, the AP4C line of products from Proengin are ready to support your hazmat/CBRN detection and monitoring needs.

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