07/04/2022 : Webinar - Risk-Based Response to Chemical Warfare Threats



Since WWI, the types of chemical warfare agents have evolved from gases to vapor-forming liquids to solids. The solutions that were designed for response to the first three generation of chemical warfare agents are, in many cases, not effective against the current emerging threats. The military and emergency response communities need solutions for the traditional threats as well as the emerging threats.

This webinar will focus on the evolution of the threat, the characteristics of the threat materials, use cases, and the challenges with detection of each class of material. The use cases range from detect-to-warn, detect-to-protect, detect-to-treat, and detect-to-decontaminate; with each of these use cases, the system and data requirements are unique.

By the end of this webinar, operators will have the knowledge necessary to evaluate the status of their chemical warfare detection readiness and will have a road-map for achieving success.

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