24/03/2023 : Webinar - Detect _ Decon _ Verify


This webinar from the Proengin Academy focuses on ways to verify the efficacy of decontamination procedures after CBRN and Hazmat applications.


Military forces, first responders, law enforcement, and Hazmat units must go through the entire process to verify the efficiency of the decontamination process. You may learn more about the trace detection methods and technologies required for these procedures by watching this webinar. With this webinar, you will examine a number of important issues. How, for instance, can you know if your decontamination procedure was successful? When is it safe to move a patient from an enclosed setting, like an ambulance, to a dangerous one, like an emergency room? And when is it okay for emergency responders to take away the air equipment they have been given?

The webinar will explain how Proengin detection solutions #AP4C # S4PF will enable front-line personnel to covers these situations. It will also offer insightful information on best practices for CBRN defense and disaster management.

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