“rescEU” program: Proengin participates in the European response to the CBRN crisis.



Saint Cyr l'Ecole, France, July 13, 2023 - Proengin, a leader CBRN response management, is pround to participate to the Rescue project.


The “rescEU” program is an initiative from the European Commission with a goal to strengthen response capabilities to nuclear, radiological, biological, and chemical (CBRN) risks within the European Union. This significant French contribution represents a major step towards a more effective European response to these crises.

As part of the European Union's civil protection mechanism, the European Commission has allocated to France for the establishment and maintenance of NRBC countermeasure and response solution stocks. These stocks, fully financed by Europe through the "rescEU" program, will complement the national stocks of each member state and can be rapidly deployed at the request of the European Commission to support any member state in need.

In this program, Proengin provides its chemical detection solutions. These advanced detection solutions will enable rapid and highly sensitive detection of dangerous chemical agents, thereby protecting people and assets. Solutions easily and rapidly deploy on the field by emergency services or hospitals in combination with other solutions in the "rescEU" stock.

Through this collaboration, Proengin and its partners strengthen the European Union's response capabilities to CBRN crises. This initiative represents a significant step towards effective coordination and enhanced protection of European citizens in emergency situations.

About Proengin:

Proengin is a leading provider of chemical and biological detection solutions. With its flame spectrophotometry technology, the company designs, manufactures, and maintains innovative solutions that offer universal and highly sensitive detection capabilities. These solutions operate in the most extreme environments. Proengin is making its mark in civil security by increasingly equipping first responder teams and CBRN systems to protect military vehicles and naval assets as well as critical infrastructures.

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