Consumables Consumables


All Proengin detectors use flame spectrometry and meet strict military standards. Just with all detector systems we have a list of consumables that are used in the operation and use of our detectors. The key consumables are as follows:

The hydrogen cylinder. The hydrogen cylinder contains specially designed metal beads inside which capture and hold the hydrogen and then release this hydrogen when needed by the detector. These hydrogen cylinders are designed to be refillable, are UN3479 certified, and provide approximately 12 hours of detector use between refills. These hydrogen cylinders are used in AP2C / AP4C handhelds and the AP4C-V and AP4C-VB detector systems.

Battery, which are used to provide operational power to the AP4C handhelds as well as the S4PE and S4PF liquid/solid sampling heaters. The AP4C requires the use of 2 batteries to operate while the S4PE requires 1. The batteries are designed to operate between -32 ° C and + 50 ° C. Please note that these batteries were specifically selected because they meet the required power draws for the detector and other battery types should not be used.

Rechargeable Battery-For customers desiring a rechargeable approach, an optional rechargeable battery system is available. The system includes a battery and a charger which is able to operate with both 120/240V AC power. Please note that a rechargeable battery is not recommended for customers who operate the detector in very cold temperatures.

Sampling Scrapers-The test scrapers and are used to collect and test liquid and solid materials of interest. The test scrapers come in a sealed package. There are ten scrapers included in each package and they are stored inside a green plastic box.

Replaceable Components

  • • Nozzles-The nozzles attach on the nose of the AP4C. The standard kit comes with two different types of nozzles, the sampling nozzle for gas, vapor and aerosols and the sampling tube pipe which is shaped similar to the cone of the S4PE and S4PF. Both of these nozzles can be replaced if needed.
  • • Buzzer-the buzzer in included in our most common AP4C kits. The buzzer is designed to attach to the body of the AP4C and it provides an audible alert when any channel on the AP4C is triggered. It also provides an audible beep when the detector is first turned on.
  • • Battery holders-The battery holders are designed to hold two batteries which are needed for the AP4C to run. The battery holder is designed to fit into the battery drawer of the detector and provides power to the AP4C. A standard AP4C kit comes with two of these and replacements can be provided for these if they are lost or damaged.