Biological and Chemical threat detectors for CBRN units

Military & CRBN forces


We live in a world that has ongoing geopolitical instability, marked by bad state actors and terrorist groups who are keen to create issues through the use of weapons of mass destruction.

AP4C technology works with gasses, aerosols, liquids, and solids. Biological and chemical threats are detectable with our technology. Chemical and biological weapons have recently been used in a number of ways: through the use of legacy chemical warfare agents by rogue nations, via the actions of terrorist or other criminal groups, or used in highly organized attacks against individuals. New forms of chemical agents (Novichok, Fentanyl, binary agents etc.) have also been employed by various actors. In this challenging environment, the Proengin AP4C technology represents a critical asset for first responders and military forces. A variety of AP4C detector types exist for use throughout the entire scope of the CBRN/military response, from early warning and persistent detection, to hot zone set up and triage, through to final decontamination and validation.

Proengin solutions are deployed and used by armed forces (dedicated CBRN units and regular troops) in more than 70 countries.

These solutions are used for alert, detection, monitoring, and decontamination purposes during a chemical and/or biological event.

With more than 30 years of experience in the field of chemical and biological detection, PROENGIN detectors have been purposely designed to be used in severe environmental conditions (temperature, humidity, dust, etc.) and meet the most demanding requirements encountered in a military field environment.

Thanks to our unique technology, AP4C detectors come with critical features for the security of armed forces:

  • • Easy to use with minimal training
  • • Quick start up and sampling rates as fast as every 2 seconds. This allows the detector to go from storage to use within seconds and provides important information especially in a dynamic environment when the detector is being moved around.
  • • Simultaneous detection of several families of chemical agents, biological entities, opioids, or toxic industrial materials
  • • AP4C flame spectroscopy technology provides the proven results of spectroscopy with proven reliability even at low concentrations
  • • Wide range of detection (CWA / TICs / PBA)
  • • Continuous data recording (detection log)

Thanks to the S4PE sampling accessories, Proengin detectors are not limited to vapor phase detection but can also detect the threat in the form of aerosols, liquids or solids.

Furthermore, the S4PE devices are extremely useful on the decontamination line to sample unknown substances and validate proper decontamination. With these accessories, the AP4C can switch back and forth between the gas and liquid detection mode.

Proengin detectors are fully networkable via optional wireless (radio / Wi-Fi / Bluetooth) and Global Positioning System (GPS) features. This networking feature is added via a plug and play approach replacing the existing battery tray. As such, this capability can be easily added or taken away based upon the operational requirements and is also backwards compatible so it can be added to existing legacy AP4C detectors. This communication system can be used in two different ways. In the monitoring mode, the detection status and alarms can be checked remotely. This is ideal for perimeter protection or monitoring, as several detectors can be deployed around a perimeter to continuously monitor and transmit geo-referenced data to the base station. The two-way communication feature also allows for organized training sessions thanks to the simulated mode, which allows the user to trigger specific alerts on individual detectors.

Finally, Proengin provides maintenance services, technical support and training throughout the world.